Isabela City Basilan, Philippines

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I. The agency's mandates and functions, names of its officials with their position and designation, and contact information

  • Vision and Mandate
  • Powers and Functions
  • Chairperson and Commissioners
  • Central Office Directory
  • Regional Office Directory

II. Annual Financial Reports

FY 2018

FY 2017

FY 2016

FY 2015

  • e.3.1 BAR No. 1 - Quarterly Physical Report on Operation
  • e.3.2 FAR No. 1 - Statement of Appropriations, Allotments, Obligations, Disbursements and Balances
  • e.3.4 FAR No. 1B - List of Allotments and Sub-allotments
  • e.3.5 FAR No. 2 - Statement of approved Budget, Utilizations, Disbursements and Balances
  • e.3.6 FAR No. 2A - Statement of Approve Budget, Utilizations, Disbursements and Balances by Object of Expenditures
  • e.3.7 FAR No. 3 - Aging of Due and Demandable Obligations