Isabela City Basilan, Philippines

College Entrance Test Information Bulletin


    The Basilan State College includes the main campus located at Sumagdang Isabela city plus other campus such as those in Santa Clara, Lamitan And, Maluso Basilan In its aspiration to achieve and maintain academic excellence and to maximize its limited resources BaSC requires all students desiring to enroll in its varied undergraduate degree programs in any BaSC campus to take and pass the BaSC College Entrance Test (BaSC-CET).

    Who are qualified to take the BaSC-CET?

    High School students from any DepEd accredited schools who will graduate at the end of school year 2012-2013. There is NO minimum high school average requirement for taking the CET. High school graduate of previous years that failed to take the CET or did not pass the CET prior to 2012-2013 and stopped schooling/have not taken any college units. Holder of the Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) Certificate for admission to college and have not taken any college units. Those who have college units from another school or transferees. They should see first the BaSC Dean of Admission before applying for the BaSC CET and shall take the test scheduled for transferees on April 2012.

    Requirements for BaSC-CET Application

    • If you are a graduated high school student a certified photocopy of the permanent Secondary school Record (Form 137). This photocopy must be signed by the school registrar or principal in blue ink and stamped with the official school seal(if any)
    • If you have graduated in high school but did not yet enroll in college a certified true photocopy of the 4th year report card (i.e. signed in blue ink by the principal) or if applying in person ,the original card, should be presented.
    • If you are a PEPT qualifier-a certified true photocopy of the PEPT certification.
    • If you are a transferee-an endorsement from the BaSC Dean of Admission.
    • Two copies identical 2”x2” photos with NAME TAG with your printed name and signature and signature of the school principal at back.
    • Non- refundable test fee of two hundred pesos (200).

    How to apply for the BaSC-CET?

    • Get an application form (BaSC-CET3) form your school principle/Guidance Counselor or form the BaSC-Testing & Evaluation Center or form the contact persons in the Test Centers in the provinces(see list at the back of this page).
    • Fill out the Application form properly. Complete with picture and required signatures.
    • Attach the certified and signed photo copy of form 137/High School Report Card.
    • IPay the test fee and submit application forms. Where and how?

    If you are from Isabela City:

    a. You may personally pay the test fee to the BaSC Casher. Then submit your application materials and present your receipt to the testing & Evaluation Center, BaSC Your test permit will be given to you right away; OR

    b. You may give your application materials and the test fee to the authorized representative(contact person) from your school who is either your guidance counselor, graduating class adviser or school Principal The Contact person makes the payment to the BaSC- Cashier and submits the application materials to the testing and Evaluation Center. Get your test permit from your school representative (contact person) afterwards.

    If you are from the province / outside of Isabela City:

    a. Submit your application form and test fee to the official contact person in the test center where you will take the exam. The test permit will be given to you in return, you official receipt will be issued by BaSC Test team on the date of exam.


    Go to your test Center on the date specified in your Test Permit. Be there at least 30 min. before the test time indicated in your Test permit.

    Bring only your Test Permit, two #2 pencils, a sharpener, a good quality rubber eraser and a snack. The test will take about 3 hours. The use of cell phones, iPod and calculator during the test is strictly prohibited and can be a cause for disqualification.